First Pledges/Getting Back Into It

Great news!  I’ve already gotten pledges from a couple of generous folks for a total of 622 dollars!  We’re on our way, folks.  Thank you very very much to Will Wolcott, Andy and Leslie Schilling, and Anne and Martin Tang for your generous support.  This motivates me to train and ensure my own success, because it is now not just for me.  I need to finish this thing, or else the money does not get to the people that need it.

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If you would like to pledge but do not want recognition, just let me know that you’d rather be anonymous.  I understand that a lot of people want to be nice but don’t want other people to think so highly of them (cough, Jordan, cough).

In other news, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things training-wise.  If you notice the training log, there was a lull for most of April.  This is because we (WebGreek) was extremely busy in the workup for a trade show in Costa Mesa.  The next weekend was five days long and encompassed Coachella Music Festival.  The week after that I was busy coughing up whatever sickness I got from one or more of the 50,000 festival goers.

This weekend I was finally able to set aside some time and beat the ground for 1:45, running somewhere around 11 and a half miles.  It’s really hard to measure with any accuracy because I meandered a lot, and Google Earth’s ruler tool does not lend itself to precision.  In any event, it was a great reintroduction to long runs.

My Route, May 1st

This is roughly where I ran, I think.

My knee, which had been bothering me on previous long runs at about the 1 hour mark, felt a lot better (though not flawless).  The chiropractor’s ultrasound and heat therapy seems to be working.

What also seem to be working are Powerbar Endurance powdered drink mix and Hammer Nutrition espresso-flavored Gu knock-off.  I bought both because I need calories and electrolytes while running, and those are the cheapest available at Sports Basement.  The Hammer stuff is awesome for two reasons.  The first is that I was able to find it in a 645ml container for about half the cost per serving of individually wrapped packets.  The second is that it contains caffeine.

I ran again this morning for about 40 minutes, around the track at Kezar stadium.  My plan was to get a baseline of how fast my cruising pace is, but I forgot to count how many laps I did in the time I spent on the track.  This may have been caused by the distraction of USF’s track team running about three times as fast as me.  A mid-distance sprinter I am not…a marathon is a war of attrition.


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