Mo Money; Mo Runnin’

Here’s a quick update for you, featuring booze, doctors, and more money!

easy fundraisers

After a night of art gallery wine, free music at Uptown in Oakland (The Mumlers are amazing, by the way), and In n Out, I somehow managed to get up a bit before 8 on Saturday and run for about 2 hours and 10 minutes.  I started at my house in Kensington, and I ran through all of my old stomping grounds, from my old elementary school to Tilden Park and down in to Wildcat Canyon and back.  It was strange not doing it with either a poodle or a bicycle, but it was refreshing and nostalgic nonetheless.

Where I went, roughly

Ah, Tilden. What a treasure.

My knee felt largely okay.  After about 80-90 minutes, it was a little bit sore, but it didn’t keep me from finishing the last of the run.  I went in for a Dr. Moore session this morning (Wednesday), and hopefully I’ll be able to ramp up pretty hard after Bay to Breakers this weekend.

This week, I’ve already run Monday and Tuesday.  Monday I ran for about 45 minutes at dusk with Lady, our mascot.  It was awesome, because everyone in the park was on their way out while I was on the way in, and I had the whole thing to myself.  Tuesday I ran down to Mission Cliffs, climbed for three and a half hours, and then ran over to North Beach to pick up a car.  The total was about 6 miles in two three-mile increments.

I am excited to be feeling strong, but I’m more excited for a good time at Bay to Breakers.  I’ll actually be trying to run, which puts me in the minority of participants.  Most of my friends will be dressing up and painting themselves, and getting intoxicated far before noon.  I’ll run it, then run back through the stream of revelers, while drinking, to try to find my friends (good luck).  Either way, it’ll be good practice for actually running a race, which is something I’ve not done in ages.

Finally, I want to announce that I’ve gotten another pledge of support, this time from Karen Bixby.  She has pledged $200.  Thank you Karen!  This brings us up to a total of $822, nearly 1/5th of the way there.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, who have promised to match every dollar donated up to $2600!  That is huge, as it means that every dollar you contribute is automatically doubled.  Again, please email or call me with your pledge, or post it to the comments!

I have received other pledges of support from some friends, who are backing me in spirit and will pledge some cash when they have it on hand.  I say thank you very much, and if you can afford to contribute I would be honored that you do so for my marathon efforts.  If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine.  Your words of encouragement and hopefully your post-marathon beers (*ahem*) are plenty.


6 Responses to “Mo Money; Mo Runnin’”

  1. Good going. We’ll have to find you places to run in China.

  2. That’s awesome, Spenser. It always blows my mind when people talk about running for 2 hours (…and 10 MINUTES!), since I’m just proud of myself when I get through 2 miles at a decent pace. Anyway, I pledge my support in your endeavor (I’m definitely in the ranks with those who are miserably broke). Have a good time!

    • Thanks Mrs. N! Glad to hear from you, and thanks for the support. It turns out I can do more than climb stuff, hooray!

      By the way, I sure could use some bag balm…my lips are chapped.

  3. The Wreat Wall Nadine! Make him run the length of the Great Wall!!! I mean, this blog IS titled Run Spenser Run, isn’t it? Spenser, no climbing. Just running this time.

  4. whoops. that was clearly supposed to be a *G*

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