One Month to Go

Today is June 25th, and one month from now, July 25th, I’ll be attempting to run 26.2 miles.  I’m aiming for under 4 hours, which, I’ve been told, should be doable, as long as I can somehow replace about 1000 calories per hour.  This will be in the form of maltodextrin goop, sport drinks with carbs in ‘em, and perhaps a Larabar.

One month from now, I need to raise a lot of money to reach my goal of $26,000.  A few friends have come forward lately, but I’ll be hitting up just about everyone I know.  I’m also trying to get Touchstone Climbing to agree to a deal, where if I can get a new member to sign up, part of their initiation fee gets donated.  My fingers are crossed.

I’m also looking to host a party in mid-July for both my birthday and for fundraising purposes.  The details will come soon.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has already donated, everyone who has supported me, and everyone who has helped in any way.  This has been a fun process.


3 Responses to “One Month to Go”

  1. Good luck with the fundraising! Again, wish I could help, but now’s not the time. Maybe for one of your future marathons when I have a REAL job… For now, just some encouragement. Hope you reach your 4-hour goal! Even if you go a little over — or a lot over — it’s an accomplishment. I mean, sheesh! 26.2 miles, dude. That’s a lot of endurance.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I do admit, however, that I am not sure that there will be a future marathon. I’ll take your promise for support, though, and tuck it in a box so I can guilt trip you later.

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