Don’t Run With Cheeseburgers

So, due to a busy weekend of seeing friends get older, catching up with old buddies from around the way, going to two mind-blowing performances of Fat Freddy’s Drop (click on this link to listen to one of their concerts), and becoming a Divine Non-Chalant, I had no time for running. Well, no time for running 2.5 hours anyway.

I actually grew antsy, as I’m sure Vikki can attest, but all was remedied on Monday.  After a day of workin’ the WebGreek, I took off from the Haight house at 6:30 and ran.  I went through Golden Gate Park, through the Richmond to the Presidio (where I enjoyed a spectacular pre-sunset battle between UV rays and fog), to the toll plaza for the Golden Gate Bridge, down past Crissy Field, and along the water all the way to AT&T Park.  There I rested briefly and watched about three minutes of the Giants game, then ran along 3rd street to Mission Bay, took a right on 16th, and ran back home through the Mission and the Wiggle.  I basically ran the marathon backward, but without the loops in the park and the traverse of the bridge.  All in all, it was probably about 17 miles.  It took me 2:35.

The run for Monday, 6/28

I had a great time circumnavigating the entire part of SF that I hang out in, but I made a grave mistake.  I had two gigantic cheeseburgers at around 2pm.  They were still in me when I ran, to the point where I spent the first half hour trying to burp to relieve pressure on my jostling stomach.  Things turned out okay after about an hour, and it may have actually been helpful in the long run (no pun) because I felt very well nourished.  I still ate energy goo, but I never felt hungry.  Perhaps the night before the race, I shall consume 4000 calories.  Hmmm…


2 Responses to “Don’t Run With Cheeseburgers”

  1. Your run sounds glorious. Too bad you will have to do it with hundreds of others on THE day. But I am really impressed. Would you have guessed a year ago that you could enjoy a
    17 mile run?

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