Tapering and Getting Ready for Game Day

Holy crap, in five days I’m supposed to run really really far.

About this far:

Click the image to see it full size.

Take a look at the map, too.  If you’re planning on coming out to watch the race, I’d recommend hanging out somewhere in the park, because we’ll be passing certain intersections twice.  It’s also walking distance from our house in the Haight, and bathrooms, couches and relaxation will be available to you there.  Let me know if you plan on coming out (you know how to get a hold of me), and I’ll be happy to dispense some advice.

And here’s how the elevation changes look:

Click on it to see the thing full size, yo.

So the hard part of training is over, after the long run in Seattle.  The idea now, according to Coach Uncle Andy, is to run just enough to keep the blood flowing and the muscle memory intact, but little enough to ensure that the body is in tip-top physical conditioning.  I’ve heard this is more or less the same for just about any sort of training (just ask the most fit dude I’ve ever known, Steve Edwards.  Read his blog to be inspired, or perhaps disgusted with yourself).

This week, I’m running for about 20 minutes in the morning, followed by some stretching and rolling out the tension in the IT bands.  It’s a great way to wake up, and it’s also got me chomping at the bit.  Compared to the 16-17 milers, a jog around the Panhandle feels like walking to the fridge.  I barely get warmed up by the time I’m coming home, shucking my shoes, and making breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, the other awesome part of this training phase is that I’m supposed to eat copious amounts of salty foods, particularly carbohydrates.  I guess this is my reward for having spent untold hours pounding the ground with my feet.

Between now and race day, I’ll be working hard, as WebGreek just signed its first national account (!!!).  I’ll also be grooving at the fundraiser/birthday party on Wednesday night.  I’ll be eating.  And I’ll be looking forward to relaxing all of Sunday afternoon with beer in hand and comfy chair under my butt.


5 Responses to “Tapering and Getting Ready for Game Day”

  1. Signing up a national?!! That’s awesome. And we plan to be there to watch you run. Let’s coordinate Friday. Have a great fundraiser/party tonight.

  2. Spenser, Dad has brought you to the dark side. You may think this is over after Sunday…..BUT IT’S NOT. You’re now addicted to running, and you’ll probably keep doing it until your a decrepit old man like he is. You have been warned.

  3. No way little cuz. No dark side for me. Running takes up too much time. I do, however miss the bike a little. Anyway, it’s been an awesome experience training but it takes a lot lot lot of time.

  4. Micah Elconin Says:

    Good luck on the big day. I’m VERY jealous. Running sounds so frickin fun right now. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the suffering.

    • You better believe I’ll enjoy every minute of it. Okay, that’s probably not true, but I’m damn sure doing to enjoy the rest of the day, drinking beer and all that goodness

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