Party Success! Birthday Happy! Great Anxiety!

First things first, a huge thank you to everyone who came out last night to Mars Bar.  Getting to see so many of my favorite people in the world in one place, with some great music and copious alcohol consumption, made my birthday extremely special.  I definitely felt the love, and I only wish that life didn’t get in the way of us celebrating like that all the time.  I guess that’s why we did it big last night.  I’d also like to thank my lovely mom, Nadine, for coming out.  Some of you met her, and she had nothing but praise for you.  Except you, Dan.  She still thinks you’re a degenerate.

The aftermath of the party is that many people went home with sweet new bracelets, a few went home with prizes, I went home and fell off the ladder that goes up to my bed, and all told, we raised $325 towards Haiti!  Combined with over 30 other donations and multiplied by two to take the matching grants into account, this puts the total we’ve raised all the way up to over $13,300! This is, to be honest, more money than I thought I’d be capable of raising, and it’s all thanks to the generosity and all around awesomeness of my friends and family.  In fact, I think it’s time we brought back that thermometer:

easy fundraisers

There we go.  Looks pretty good, actually.

I realize that, with only three days remaining and nearly $13,000 left to raise, I probably won’t achieve the big hairy goal of $26,000.  But we did awesome!  I set the goal nearly as a joke, something to make me try really hard.  Well, it worked.  I wrote a lot of emails, did a fair bit of blogging, and pulled all the strings I could think of.

And I learned a lot along the way.  I had never really tried to raise money before (and my bank account will tell you that I’m terrible with money), and now I have a few ideas for how to do so in the future.  People are, in general, extremely generous.  For example, I met a woman in Seattle named Mary O’Neill, and after speaking with her for about five minutes, she asked for my address.  A few days later, $100 check showed up in the mail from her, because she wanted to support a worthy cause.  Getting Sports Basement to donate a $50 gift certificate was as easy as calling the store and asking if they’d be willing to donate an item.  Several of you have come forward and donated whatever you could, and it’s been very inspiring for me.  I have to say, it’s been a great way to get in touch or stay in touch with folks.

If you’ve been thinking about donating, now’s the time.  Help us get as close to $26,000 as possible!

In the meantime, I’m recovering from a hangover, working my face off, and getting antsy thinking about this weekend.  I start very early Sunday morning, and I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line, hoisting a few beers, and kicking back at my house in Kensington with lots of food and some good friends.  Let me know if you want to come to a post-race BBQ at my place!


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