The Final Post

Hi Everyone!

I know, I know…I ran the marathon back in July.  What could I possibly have to write about?

Well, now I’m totally done.  And by that, I mean that today I just mailed off the check for the aggregate total of everything that we managed to raise.  After tallying up the checks, the WePay donations, the matching gifts from family members, and the cash we made in the Mars Bar Mayhem of July 2010, it turned out that we were able to collect quite a bit of legal tender.

“How much?” I can hear you eagerly asking.  “Why won’t he just cut the suspense and write the damn number down?  Why this narcissistic rant, why the tired old tactic of pretending to know what the reader is thinking?”

Good question, reader.  Let me answer thusly: It’s my last post on this blog.  EVER. So if you’re thinking that I’m just dragging this out because I enjoyed the attention I got for writing about something and having other people read it, well, you’re more correct than you know.  If you weren’t thinking that, well, I appreciate you not thinking of me as a lonely egocentric wanker.  We should have a drink.

Okay, final tally…



Oh yeah baby.  I mailed a check to the World Food Program in Washington DC, in the amount of $12,104.68, and my mom and brother will be taking care of getting the remaining $5,100 there.

So that’s that.  Yup.  All done now.  WebGreek continues.  Climbing continues. Running doesn’t continue.  Plotting the world’s greatest road trip commences.  And life goes on.

One final note: Please keep Haiti in your thoughts.  Not just Haiti, but every disaster area, every pocket of poverty, every source of suffering.  This marathon was one of the more meaningful experiences in my life, and, without getting too hokey, it did feel good to make a difference, to work toward fixing one of the many broken bits this world has.

Catch you at the next bloggable life decision…


One Response to “The Final Post”

  1. Will be sorry not to get posts from you. Have enjoyed your various musings from Lijiang, Beijing and Wyoming, not to mention home.
    I forwarded you the email from Schwab with the gift letter. Did you get it?

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